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2 min readSep 28, 2021

This is a community of passionate people worldwide who share the vision of Y-vision and support the project by driving adoption, raising awareness and strengthening the community.

Over the past few months we have done a great job and now we are excited to announce the Yvision Ambassador Program. The goal of the program is to grow the Yvision community, raise awareness of the platform and educate users.

As a global community based around the world, we are keen to involve the most special and talented members of the community who resonate with Yvision’s values and bring us closer to different local communities. We aim to build an inclusive community and encourage all Yvision enthusiasts to apply to be an Yvision Ambassador.

General requirements

  1. Fluent English and perfect second language.
  2. Clear understanding of the Yvision platform.
  3. Excitement to bring in new community members to the platform, as well as to engage with them.

How you can contribute

  1. Engaging the community on telegram or other socials.
  2. Translating announcements, documentation or articles within a short time frame into your local language.
  3. Writing articles or creating other educational content.
  4. Hosting meetups and presenting on behalf of Yvision.
  5. Introducing network to Yvision and participating in our discussions in global channels.

Ambassadors are early adopters who spread the word about the Yvision platform. Our mission is to enable the non-tech savvy to earn yield on their digital assets by using Yvision. As with any new project, this traditionally has been available only to the tech-savvy. We need your help to succeed. And of course, as you help advance our vision for a future, you’ll also benefit from a few great perks. Want to take part?

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