Introducing Yvision: All-in-One Yield Generation Platform

3 min readMay 31, 2021

Today, in 2021, the rate of growth and development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector has reached incredible proportions! DeFi space grows very quickly, there are a big variety of opportunities and making money in such a strong bull market is not difficult. But…

‘Winter is coming!’

…but as we know, trends follow each other, and strategies that work well in a bull market do very differently in a bear market. In the bear years, ordinary yield protocols become less profitable and it’s much more difficult to get profit with ordinary strategies, while most advanced strategies are private and limited to only skilled developers. Yvision was created with the belief that decentralized finance should remain completely open to everyone.

The idea of Yvision has been in the air for a long time. And one might even say that it is not new. Indeed. Many traders take a variety of approaches to make profit on market inefficiencies. Some arbitrage manually, being at their screens 24/7 so as not to miss the momentum, others use custom bots and all kinds of trackers, tracking and comparing the trading pairs they are interested in. And yet, it takes a lot of time and requires you to be on the alert at all times. This is where we enter the stage.

Yvision makes it possible to use the most effective and the most unique yield generation strategies through a simple and intuitive UI which enables you to discover, create or combine strategies regardless of your experience level.

There is an eternal debate whether it is better to hold assets or trade actively. Of course, there is no single answer and a lot depends on the current market conditions. With Yvision it doesn’t matter what phase the market is in or what strategies you prefer: holding long term bags or flipping everything at the speed of light. We are creating Yvision with the intention to make it a core ecosystem player that can generate value for all stakeholders.

Our platform consists of several products that allow you to quickly adapt to the current situation:

  • On-chain DeFi aggregation protocol
  • DeFi Yield Strategy aggregator
  • Flash Loan constructor / arbitrage protocol
  • FlashBank Yield Protocol

We aggregate the best on-chain rates and the most relevant and highly profitable passive yield strategies, the platform allows anyone to provide liquidity and earn fees, arbitrage using flash loans, create and automate own strategies, as well as make a profit from their use by other users of the platform.

In this way, the Yvision ecosystem will become a super aggregator that optimizes the power of capital, ensuring smooth flow across protocols and blockchains in the most efficient ways, providing endless opportunities for users, and finally making every stakeholder trend independent.

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All-in-one yield generation platform. Yvision leverages the entire DeFi ecosystem to bring a simple solution for stakers, yield farmers and arbitrageurs.