APY Booster Explained

2 min readJul 22, 2021

Yvision is going to boost rewards for our yield strategies users and liquidity providers. Initially, a specially dedicated Reward Pool (25% of YVI total supply) will be used for this purpose.

Every LP will get YVI/block reward share, which corresponds to their share in overall staked YVI in the Strategies booster contract. To activate the boost, an LP should deposit at least 1 YVI per every $ 1k cost of the provided liquidity. The maximum boost will be 5 YVI per every $ 1k cost of liquidity cost.

YVI provided for the reward booster protocol will also increase your TVL. YVI rewards are bonded to a user’s TVL. This works for LPs provided to passive strategies as well as liquidity pools to be used for arbitrage strategies. Passive strategies are those that are displayed in the Yield Strategy Aggregator, and liquidity pools can be boosted through FlashBank.

Such an approach is intended to increase brand awareness and attract LPs into the Yvision platform while creating an additional source of yield for DeFi community members and more cash flow streams to the YVI treasury (protocol fees).

More details and interaction instructions will be announced at the program launch.

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